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Talent Sourcing Strategies

Hi everyone!

Taking a stab at posting a topic that I would value everyone's suggestions on.

When most HR/Talent executives are asked what their Talent Sourcing Strategy is, most will answer by listing out a variety of sites/platforms/programs/events/resources they use to fill all of their organization's positions. I subscribe to the idea that this is not a Talent Sourcing Strategy at all, but rather a grouping of recruitment activities used as a one-size-fits-all approach that is ultimately ineffective. I believe that true Strategy takes into account the fact that it requires different recruiting activities/approaches depending on the role that is being recruited for, dependent on how strategically relevant to the business the role is as well as what the talent availability on the market for that role is (I credit Armin Trost, Professor at the Business School of Furtwangen University in Germany for much of this).

Has anyone created their own Talent Sourcing Strategy that details out which recruitment activities are to be used for the different roles you recruit for in your company?

Thank you everyone, I look forward to your insights!

Luke McGalliard