We want to make it easier to get your TCC membership paid for by your company so we wrote a quick email you can copy and paste to send to your boss or CFO.




I’d like to join the Talent Champions Council which is a private Talent Strategy group and was hoping that I could expense it.  It’s only $240/yr. and its cancellable at any time.  There are members from organizations such as Nike, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, McKinsey, Coca-Cola, Drift, Uber, VaynerMedia, Navy SEALs, New York Yankees, New England Patriots, LA Lakers and Goldman Sachs.


It’s a resource that would really help me level up on Talent Strategy and help us with Talent Acquisition, Onboarding and Retention and for $20/mo I thought it would be a no brainer, but wanted to get your ok first.